A really silly question about PAYG top ups


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Thinking about going PAYG but can't quite get my head around this...

If you get a SIM which say gives you 100 min, 100 texts, 100 Mb data for £10 a month, does that mean you pay your £10 and then get this and the £10 stays on your account for other uses?

Or that it is a line rental by another name - that you pay the £10 a month to get that, it comes off your balance and then you have to pay more to get additional calls etc.

I know this is a silly question but obviously option 1 sounds too good to be true vs getting a SIM only package...



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That sounds more like a 1 month rolling contract rather than a payg deal. Or, possibly, a Giffgaff bundle.

But I think the answer is no, you lose the tenner

Jay Z

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I think that you will use your topup to buy the pay as you go plan so if you want to use credit outside the plan then you will need to top up your phone.


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Thanks guys, that's what I thought but wanted to check it wasn't me misinterpreting it


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I'm with o2 and have a 'text and web' tariff.

If I top up £10, I get the £10 credit on my phone plus I get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK Internet' allowance which lasts for 30 days.

So i can send 300 texts before they start eating into my £10 credit. Calls obviously eat into my credit straight away.


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o2 also do a Pay And Go Go Go.

You top up £10 - which the take off you and give you 1000 Texts + 150 Mins + 500MB Web.

Which seems more like a monthly contract to me.


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If you want everlasting credit and don't use the phone much, Three offer the best PAYG which is 1p per MB for data, 2p sms and 3p calls.

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