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Hi all

For those of you awaiting results of the replacement FX66 saga, it arrives on Saturday and I will let you know the outcome.

Meanwhile, a quick question (and it's my birthday today so be nice!). I have the HT-SL5 amp as part of my system (not this makes a difference I don't think), connected to TV via sound output at the back of the tv (red and white ones, and yes, I'm new to all this). This takes care of all the sounds in one hit, rather than video/tv/sat etc all separate. Other sound input is from DVD (coax).

Anyway, I digress. In order to get sound from the amp, I have to turn off tv sound through the on-screen menu. No problem. Thing is, how do I get it to stay off?! If I turn the tv off, or put it on standby, I have to go through the whole process again and it's all rather tedious.

I think this has been discussed before but i couldn't find the thread, sorry.

Thanks for your help




Does it not have a separate volume output in the sound menu?
Then it should stay where set to. I dont have that sony but its just a thought.


Yep, separate volume output in the sound menu. Switch it to Off, turn tv off/standby, turn tv on, sound output is back to On.

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