A quick qestion regarding sky+ boxes


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Hi there,

A couple of days ago my other half was offered sky through work on a fairly good deal as they are an affiliate company. The choices were either the 6 mix + standard box + install for free for 12 months, or sky world for £21 for 12 months and the chance to take a sky+ box for £49.

After a few nice dinners cooked for me, I agreed we should get the sky+ deal.

My question is that there seems to be quite a lot of different types of boxes out there and I'm wondering which one we are likely to receive, any ideas?



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taking up the offer now you should by rights get a PVR3 (40hr recording time), unless they are fobbing off old stocks of PVR2's on affiliates....ooohh..naughty..heh..... however who makes it will be a mystery, but being an affiliate it may be possible to persuade Sky to make it a Pace...but dont worry too much, despite the moans you get on a forum, there are thousands upon thousands of people out there very happily using all the different boxes, because they work they have no reason to find a forum to say anything..heh
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