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A question regrding stereo

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by hi_robb, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. hi_robb


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    Hi folks,

    I have a quesiton regrding which will give the better stereo sound so I can hook my kit up properly.

    I've at the mo got a dv89, avr200 and monitor audio s8's. I've now only got 2 speakers as I decided to go stereo. Both dvd player and amp are set to large fronts with nothing else as should be.

    However it's where to hook the anlogue outs of the dvd player that I'm wondering.

    Should I plug the cables into the cd in on the amp or the left n right on the multi channel ins? what's going to give better sound. At the mo I've hooked into the cd in. If I understand it the dv89 is decoding a stereo signal, passing it over to the amp which is again decoding the signal then kicking it out?

    Doing it via the 5.1 ins will let the dv89 do the decoding and then the amp just amplifies it. Or am I better sticking to digital out on the dvd player and using the amp only for decoding?

    Bit confused as to what's going to give the best sound?


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