A question regarding ripping CDs with dBpoweramp.


I have approx 1200 CDs ripped into FLAC files sitting on an old PC upstairs. 99% of them have been ripped over the years with dBpoweramp which I have found the best software to use for ripping.

Recently I have ripped a small number of CDs on my laptop and I have been experimenting with streaming to my Squeezebox Touch. It is pretty easy to set up and the actual process of playing files seems painless enough.

However, I have a question regarding ripping compilation albums ie.various artists.

When I rip them I have the correct individual information for each file ie. artist, title, album, track no etc. When I go into the SBT to navigate there are several options ie. Artists, Albums, Genres, Years, New Music, Randon Mix, Music Folder, and Playlists. Normally I go into Music Folder and find the album I want via that route. However if I wanedt to find a specific artist who may be on a compilation album, when I go into the Artist option all the artists on compilation albums are shown as Various Artists, so it could be like finding a needle in a haystack.

To put things in perspective, before I ever transfer all my downloaded files from my old PC onto a NAS or suchlike, I have hundreds of compilation albums from the likes of Mojo and Uncut magazine ripped over the last 18 years or so. Now if I want to search for a specific artist in the Artist section it looks like they are all going to be shown as Various Artists!

Is anyone familiar with streaming to a Squeezebox device and using Logitech Media Server, and any ideas if there is a fix? I'm wondering also if I am doing something fundamentally wrong when ripping with dBpoweramp, but can't think what?



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From memory, things work a lot better if you use a tag editor like mp3tag to set COMPILATION=1 on the rips from compilation albums. Otherwise LMS tries to figure this out and 'guess' which are compilations.

Then set the options for how you want artists is compilations shown -



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Which version of LMS are you using? 7.9 added the option to have two separate artists lists: Album Artists & All Artists.


This means that when browsing albums by a single artist, you select the Album Artists menu which isn't cluttered with dozens of obscure listing from the compilations. But if you want to find an artist that appears on a compilation, you browse the All Artists menu.

As above, LMS makes a pretty good stab at recognising compilations but adding the Compilation tag eliminates the guesswork.


A quick look at my LMS on my laptop says I am on version 7.7.5 which suggests I still have an old version running. I don't have time now but will have a more detailed look at that this evening.

Thanks for the replies.



Quick update. I've gone into my LMS settings and following Crocodile's advice I've changed the settings and now all the individual artists are showing. Job done!

Many thanks again.


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