A question for Samsung HD935 owners




I am very interesting in getting this player to accompany my Panasonic AE500 projector - mainly because of the DVi connection.

Does the Samsung 935 upscale full screen transfers correctly?
I read on another forum that it doesn't but that related to US spec players.

What I'd really like is upscaled to 720p for the classic movies in my collection (ratio 4:3).

Has anyone tested 4:3 full screen dvds using the 935 - I'd be grateful if I could find out the upscaling works before ordering.

Many thanks



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Wrt scaling works fine with a Sharp Z200, the juddering in PAL is because it will only output 720p at 60Hz for some reason



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Using DVI I can't see any difference between the various upscaling modes on the AE500 and as far as I know there is nothing that tells you what sort of signal is being input.


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Should know from the source I guess. I know with the dvi player I have (That isnt working correctly :mad: ) You can tell it what to output.

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