A Question for Jeff (Kryton)


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Hi ,wanted to know if Kryton was connected to a monitor or if you just used your TV. I ask this because i currently use a KVM switch so i dont have to duplicate hardware but it would be easier if i could boot up just with my TV connected (if this is possible).
I use a radeon all-in-wonder but IMO the s-video out is appalling and frustrating to use,is there anything better for HCPC confiuration that would do away with a monitor? Anyone.



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Hi Steve,

I currently use a 9" Barco CRT projector, it is connected via the Radeons VGA out and the quality is very good as you would expect. Even when I did use a TV (Loewe Aconda), it had a VGA input that allowed [email protected] I also tried the TV's video input but as you say it was very poor. If you want to achieve a better picture quality then the only way forward is to move to a display that supports VGA/RGBHV input, this could be a projector or a plasma or something like the Loewe Aconda with optional VGA in.


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