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I have an Onkyo DVD player with progressive scan (27MHz/10bit video DAC if that helps). I have ordered a 34" multi-system Philips Pixel Plus TV (34PT9420) with progressive input (480p/1080i NTSC, 576p PAL), which should be with me some time next week.

I tried looking into various FAQs and posts, and could not find an answer to the following question(s) regarding playing VCDs:

- What would be the best mode to play a PAL VCD?

- Will the VCD quality be any better if I use the progressive output
from the DVD player with the progressive input of the TV?

- Will the choice of component/composite connections matter in this

- Should I stick to Pixel Plus (which is available only for interlaced

Greatly appreciate your inputs.

Thanks a lot for your attention,


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
PixelPlus is the chip in the Philips TV that does the Progressive Scan conversion, hence it must be bypassed when feeding a signal that is already progressive scan.

In answer to the rest of your questions the only way to tell is when you get the TV try it all out for yourself... Although don't use composite connections, ever!!!


Thanks for the reply, Liam.

In fact, I am thinking of making a sort of a 'Design of Experiments'
(DOE) with the following serving as inputs:

1. Input source (DVD, VCD, cable - being in India, I do not have an
access to a full-fledged satellite service yet)
2. Connections (RF, Composite, S-Video, Component)
3. TV options (with/without Pixel Plus, with/without Active control,
100 Hz, etc)
4. DVD player playback (progressive Vs non-progressive)

I will soon prepare the first-cut design soon and post it here. There could be redundant cases which can be let out, as per the opinion of experts/users. Then I will proceed to conduct these experiments after calibrating my display and audio. Eventually, if all goes well, I will post the results on the forum!

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? :))



Tried out a lot of combinations. Here are the conclusions:

1. Works decently with cable (that too RF!) to increase the picture
quality. Works very well with good and stong transmission (even
football games).

2. For DVDs, Pixel Plus looks better (to me) than progressive scan.

3. For VCDs, progressive scan of the DVD player looks clearly better
than Pixel Plus (which produces a lot of artifacts).

4. Not much change in S-video and component inputs using Pixel Plus.

5. Progressive input has only component connection (and RGB, which I
have not tried).

Am very happy with the 34" Pixel Plus TV.

Thanks all for your inputs,

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