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My wife asked me to check the oil level on her Ford KA and the dipstick showed it was nearer the lower of the two marks.
I checked the owners manual and 5W 30 oil is recommended.
I've just come across a 1Ltr bottle of 10W 40 in my garage...can I use that instead?...any harm come to the KA?


Personally I'd stick with the same grade, but it's not going to make much of a difference and certainly won't harm the KA. The lower the first number is then the better it performs in cold weather, but as it's summer (well I saw the sun the other day :) ) it should be warm for a while now ;)

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The main rule is never mix mineral and synthetic oil.

I wouldn't mix synths either to be honest. I am puzzled as to why they recommend 5w 30 cos my Focus needs that but it's a 16v, didn't thnk they did the old Ka's in anything but 8v.


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The original KA used the old skool Fiesta engine, but they switched to the more modern Duratec engine from 2002 onwards.

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