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I haven't put this in the wild life thread, as it's a bit too specific.

A couple of days ago, we discovered about 30 or so honey bees buzzing around a living-room window, trying get out. They were coming from round the back of an electric fire which is built into the old fireplace, and we could hear a loud buzzing up the chimney somewhere. On going outside, we could see them flying around a vent on top of the chimney pot (which is kept partially open for ventilation).

The bees were in no way aggressive, and we let them out of the living room quite easily, by which time they had more or less stopped coming down the chimney. A short while later, all the buzzing had stopped, and there was no activity around the chimney pot.

There has been no sign of them since, and we think they must have gone.

What do you think that was all about? One theory is that a swarm had a look at our chimney as a possible nest but decided it wasn't suitable and buzzed off. Or it is suitable and they are nest building up there (which doesn't seem likely as there is no sign of life or sound now). Or there was a nest and it has swarmed off, which again doesn't seem likely, else we'd surely have noticed it before.

We tried contacting a bee control specialist company, but they haven't responded and there doesn't seem any point in chasing them now.

Obviously, especially being honey bees, we'd want to protect them as much as possible. We wouldn't mind a nest up there, so long as they didn't keep invading the house.



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One theory is that a swarm had a look at our chimney as a possible nest but decided it wasn't suitable and buzzed off
Most likely. Certainly the timing is right. Alternatively the queen may have been doing her fertilisation flight.
We tried contacting a bee control specialist company
How about your local beekeepers association? They are not commercially driven and will give you a lot more of their time to chat things over.


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We had a swarm in a tree near the house and contacted a local bee keeper via local facebook group and his advice was that if they aren't causing a problem then leave them alone and most likely they will move on which they did the next day.

If they are honey bees they might collect them but bumble bees (the hairier ones they can't do much with but still great for pollenating.

Let me guess

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I used to be worried about the 8 or 10 bees that would always appear in my living room , usually spring,throughout each day, when there had been no windows or doors open.
Never been able to figure out what was going on or where they were getting in but not bothered by it anymore as, as soon as I open the window, which they always hover around they go straight out...very obliging.
Flies and wasps on the other hand are not so obliging, so neither am I. They get the electric bug zapper...marvelous things! Lol


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Sounds something similar to what I have been through a few years ago.

In my bedroom window, I noticed there was 1/2 a wasp coming out of the window. It did seem stuck.

Then I looked to the side of the window, there was a bunch of wasps just sitting still. It was kinda creepy.


We've had swarms in our garden on a couple of occasions, they stay for a couple of days and disappear, no doubt finding a new home in the woods that back onto our house. Harmless and fascinating.


I've had honey bees living in my chimney for a few years now. Very peaceful, no trouble. They do come down the chimney into the house but I can let them out easily enough. There are many bees locally, I've had two swarms at this time of year in the past and called out local beekeepers who took the swarmed sleepy bees away to a new home. This hot weather is perfect for swarming, wouldn't surprise me if I see one in the next few days. I know there are three colonies locally including my chimney bees so one of them is likely to fill the skies with bees any time now!

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