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A Question 4 The Lucky Ones


Active Member
4 all you lucky ones out there in AV Forums Land, while i await in anticipation of my wii arriving to me sometime between now and Doomsday, maybe you could make me salivate with your tales of exciting gameplay, daring swordplay, holes in 1, boss battles or anything that takes your fancy.
p.s or just tell me your favorite game/games, or most wanted game or best idea 4 a game. CHEERS!!!!


Active Member
got mine from gamestation today. loving wii sports bowling, just started playing zelda, which looks ***** on my TV (no components, GS had none) but Wii play annoyed me so i turned it off on the air hockey game.. ill try it later again.

The Wiimote seems really sensitive, maybe i need to adjust it.. but i love it, top fun :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Me and my Dad who's 58 where laughing like a couple of two years old's this afternoon while playing something involving horse racing I believe in Wii Play. Really is a wonderful console, even my Mum had a go at bowling this afternoon and my Dad's now worn out from the tennis on Wii Sports. Worth the money for the fun this afternoon. Enjoy!!


Active Member
Just had a cracking time play Wii Sports Tennis against the Mrs, both of us really enjoyed it.

I really hope you get yours for Xmas as it really is a multiplayer console at the moment.


Well-known Member
Mate, Zelda is epic. I'm just about to lay the smack down on the boss of the third dungeon after nearly 25 hrs of actual game time. I think I'm not even half way through the game. Make sure you get it when your console arrives, and kiss your social life good-bye.


Distinguished Member
I was playing my brother on the hockey thing on Wii play, I managed to score 3 own goals by going in front of the puck and hitting it backwards. :thumbsup:

Not on purpose by the way:)


Active Member
Got mine on launch day and played it every day since.
Even my good lady plays it and she got bored with gaming after the Megadrive had its day.
My 2 boys love it, and its great when we all get together for a game of bowling.

Downloaded Mario 64 the other day, blast from the past!

Picked up Rayman today and been playing it this evening and its really great fun. Stacks of mini games, loads of humour and a good challenge too.

Looking forward to the Wario game next year, that should be a blast!

All in all this is a great console, the build quality of the actual unit is very solid and the controller is spot on. Its early days but you can see the potential here, Nintendo are definatly onto a winner with this one!

Im sure you will enjoy yours when it finally arrives :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Yeh so far ive really enjoyed it. I can honestly say the controller has far surpassed my expectations so far and some of the games just have basic ideas!!
First day i got mine i played on it from 10am to about 1am the following day. Played the GF at wii sports and had a blast on rayman and redsteel. Later that night a few friends came round and we hammered bowling on wii sports! Also had a 3 player on red steel and whilst the options for multi player on this are really low.. the game was brilliant multi player. It reminded me of golden eye years ago!!
Next day i decided to crack on zelda and a planned 2 hour session turned into 6 hours!! Amazing game!
Yesterday i downloaded mario64 and thought id have a brief 30 mins play. Well i ended up on it for 3 hours!
So to sum up, im very impressed!


Active Member
Top 10 funny moments:

1-7: Getting texts (x6) from all my mates last Saturday following my WiiStravaganza last Friday advising me none of them can move their arms very well. I laugh, then realise it hurts because my shoulders are so sore.

8: Mate throwing ball backwards twice in the same frame in bowling, then 2 gutterballs. We asked him if he wanted bumpers and a ramp....

9 + 10: Following multiple Stellas, and mild vision loss, my mate chipping one in from the fairway on golf from about 40yards, cueing cheers of approval and applause, along with Hero status. Then me doing exactly the same from about 5 yards further out. Ha!


Active Member
My first game of bowling with 2 mates resulted in a 129, 127, 127 game with me just about winning a flukey shot right at the end :D

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