A PVR to record to NAS and scheduling through a web interface?!


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Hi all,
Having come across Vu+ Linux satellite pvrs today through these forums I'm now a bit closer to what I want to do but ideally freeview based would be my preference.

My requirements are as follows

Recording of two channels simultaneously

Watch a third channel whilst two others are recording

Recording to a NAS to allow streaming by other devices from a single interface ie plex

Quite keen to have Dave so freeview preferred or a combination of twin sat and one terrestrial

A slick straightforward interface that is very family friendly. It just needs to work!

We have a tvonics pvr at the moment which whilst good picture etc sometimes doesn't turn on. The series link with one button is very good though.

Proposed solution:

I replace the tvonics pvr with a pvr that is Linux based that will record to our synology NAS and all viewing will be done through plex. With that in mind I'm thinking of just using a web interface to schedule all recordings.

That way the family use only two interfaces on the tv

1- the tv itself which has its own freeview tuner

2- plex which is used for all our films and then would be used to view recordings.

Loving the look of the vu+ boxes although the alien 2 box at half the price tempts for cost reasons and that it's triple tuner.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on the above, any links to screenshots or similar of the web interface for scheduling recordings would be great.


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