a psu to power an ati 4890


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i am trying to shop for a good psu to power a ati 4890, but i am a little lost, my last system had an agp card. should i be looking for a psu marked as pci express, when it lists a load of voltages i get lost. anyone help?

i dont really want to be spending more than £80ish


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Any new PSU should have the appropriate connectors.

The Corsair HX 520W is a popular choice right now, but it is a little expensive because it's modular (it lets you remove the power cables you don't use). If you're not bothered about that then a cheaper 500-600W one from a good manufacturer (enermax, FSP, seasonic etc.) will do the job perfectly well.


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I'll second EndlessWaves' Corsair recommendation. I have the HX620 and it's very quiet and was also very easy to connect up. However, it is a bit over the price range you're suggesting. The non-modular Corsair TX650 is also well regarded in this forum and probably comes more into the price range youre talking about.

What else are you looking to power with the PSU?


520W HX will be fine for the job - just about on the budget as well.

got the 620hx myself and very quiet and does a good job with my hard drives, fans, watercooling, gfx etc etc!!


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Thermaletake, Hyper etc there all very reliable and should last a long time, no reason why they couldnt be in your next build etc
modular's cost slighty more so if space is tight then its an option but having said that ive used nearly all the cables on mine anyways so the modular part has become irrelavent

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