A projector screen for a lover of high contrast and oversaturated colours?


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Having just bought a Sony VPL-VW95ES I would really like to get myself a screen that is going to do it justice. Since I have a big love of oversaturated colours and deep contrasts I really want something that is going to help enhance those two things if at all possible. I really don't mind about having a fancy auto-triggered motorised screen as this is really just an extra expense for the sake of convenience (and lets face it, showmanship :laugh: ), but I do want something very high quality that is going to remain as flat as a pancake and not give me any grief. Lamp life is something I want to extend so I intend to keep that on the lower setting unless we need it for 3D, so it should be a screen that has good gain, though I don't know much about that stuff and if it might affect the saturation and contrast, which are the important thing.

My setup may be either a floor or ceiling mount, depending on how secure I feel this big lump of metal is up in the air over our heads! :rolleyes: The room itself is a very decent size at about 4.2m\13 foot 9 inches by about 4.87m\16 foot, with the standard 2.44m/8 foot between ceiling and floor, but as this is the main room of the house I have to contend with a table and other junk. Light isn't going to be a concern as I already have plans to deal with the windows and white walls, but the neighbours may be. We share a reasonably thick wall on one side and it is a downstairs room, but the ideal situation is them not hearing anything at all, so I have plans to back the main speakers against that wall with thick foam behind them. and have the base speaker lodged somewhere near or even behind the sofa. Unless anyone thinks I would be better off with another setup, this means that the throw will be the shorter 4.2m\13 foot 9 inches, which I think is pretty much perfect.

So, what does everyone think? I won't give a budget since I just intend to get whatever I think is best suited to my needs and won't be angsting so much over getting the right one like I did with the projector, though I am intrigued by the sound of those 'glass bead' screens mentioned in another thread on here.
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