A program that displays all your DVD's ?



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I read various magazines and i stumbled across a multimedia install on a boat for some rich sheik... and he had all his DVD's stored on a PC and a clever program that showed all his DVD's as thumbnails on his startup screen in alphabetical order...

Once a thumbnail is pressed the movie would start...

Now obviously i want to go one step further and have a choice to view the trailers for all of them and various other info and also have them in various other gendre options.. I.E thrillers, action, fantasy, romance etc etc..

My questions then:
1) Is there such a program freely available for consumers to buy, and
2) would cramming my 300+ DVD's on a single harddrive reduce the quality when it is played back on the screen from a PC instead of DVD player??




oh sorry forgot to add, a program other than windows media centre...


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oh sorry forgot to add, a program other than windows media centre...
Windows Media Centre with the my movies plug in would be my choice.

Otherwise you can look at meedio or other media centre type apps Or jsut put the DVDs on your PC and play them with a media player box that is networked to the PC like a snazio, Pixelmagic HD mediabox, kiss or other.

If you copy the DVD directly to disk there's no quality loss, if you decide to make it smaller (using something like DVD shrink) then yes, there'll be a quality loss. A DVD is uptp 4.7gb for single layer and 9.3gb for a dual layer so you can work out how many you can fit to a hard drive (say a 300gb one) without having to shrink them.

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Hi pdvuk
Get hold of DVD profiler great program and it automatically creates a seperate list of you collection online I have used it for years. One good thing it has is if you lend a film to anyone you can put in the details and setup a warning to remind you, never forget who you loaned Independance day too lol



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I highly recommend using Xlobby. It is free and can do everything you ask and more. Moreover, it is completely customizable.

The downside is a bit of a learning curve to get everything just right. If you like tinkering around with cool programs though, it is awesome.

I have tried to attach a screenshot, hopefully I have done it right.


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