A polite question regarding two hdmi leads.


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Having been educated about the unecessary cost of expensive (well known branded) hdmi leads I have a polite question.

HDCables.co.uk are one of the official hdmi adopters and an assured advertiser on this forum. They sell low priced good quality and well made hdmi leads, yet they now sell a more expensive lead. I know Jamie S replies to (hdmi) cable related products honestly and openly, and whilst their Platinum range is a quality product, and bare in mind the comments made on this forum about hdmi leads in general given that a hdmi lead should be the same regardless of price (zero's & one's etc etc), what makes this new cable, beginning with the letter "I" better than their cheaper offering apart from the plug....would that make that much difference?

I hope that I have not infringed any forum rules by asking this question about a particular companies products, if I have then I apologise and please remove mods.

I would like to reiterate this is not a confrontation question but a polite explanation between the two.


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Build quality , mostly for burying in walls and forgetting about them , cheap cables can be bad to use here because if they break you have to tear apart your wall finish ... not nice !!
I would agree with build quality as the key difference, although I believe "in wall" advertised quality would adhere to even higher standards, probably more resilient sheathing & with a price tag to match.

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Hi LicensedTaximan,

I don't have control over what cables are stocked by the business, however I do have an insight into why some cost more.

The "I" cable that you refer to was designed here in the UK by a specialist CAD company (at quite a cost), it has quite an elaborate headshell construction (which is more time-consuming to manufacturer), it uses extremely high quality, very low AWG rated raw cable (which costs more), it has a CL3 wall rating rubber jacket and it then has an extra braid over the top of it (another cost) and to top it off it was officially ATC tested and certified (at a fairly high cost).

Basically all the extra cost has all added up to increase the final unit cost of the product - hence the higher pricing.

When compared to the Pro-2, which is a fairly standard plastic moulded headshell and standard raw cable stock, which is much easier and faster to produce more cheaply. Something like x5 can be completed and tested in the time it takes to make one "I" cable.

Hope that is a good enough explanation. That is how I understand it.


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"I" and thank you Jamie S. :thumbsup: :lesson:

As er...."I" already have in wall Qed SR hdmi leads, I (there's that word again :rolleyes:) guess something like the "platinum" range would be more than suitable and adequate for my needs as regards connection from the equipment to the wall plates....unless I want the stress relief at the connector ends.
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