A PJ in Currys ???


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Ive got a couple of questions

I popped into my local currys tonight and noticed they had an Optoma Movitime on display in a special stand. I thought it was quite a good little pj (ive done a few searches on this forum for it but havent seen any discussion re comparison to other similarly priced pjs)

I'm looking for a pj for under £2k and am currently considering the Z4 and HS50

I have viewed a Optoma H30a in a perfectly dark demo room at my local severnoaks and was v impressed by the picture but saw plenty of rainbows :(

But this pj that i saw in currys didnt give me any rainbows (im guessing because of the ambient light in the shop)

Question 1

I was wondering what the general feeling on the forums were for the optoma movietime pj and how it compares to the Z3, AE700, Z4, HS50 and H30a ?

Question 2

Has any found that they see rainbows on dlp pjs in very dark rooms but that when theres ambient light around that they dont notice the rainbows ?

Thanks for your help its much appreciated



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My Dad is considering getting one and a floorstanding screen after seeing it in action at the Manchester Hi-Fi show last month.

The Z3, AE700, Z4, & HS50 are all 1280x720 res projectors, the movietime is only 854x480 (as is the H30) so you do lose out in that respect as is isn't HD ready. I'd regard it more as a jack of all trades, if you do want an all in one solution then fair enough, but a dedicated PJ would in most cases give much better results.

One of the few threads discussing it here

Did you get a stiff neck watching it in Currys? I had a look at one last week at the branch near the Leeds Ikea, to say the demo was unorthodox would be an understatement.:D


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hehe, unorthodox would be an understatement, top marks for thinking outside the box tho, it was certainly getting lots more attention than all the other tvs

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im curiouse now, about this unorthodox demo... what happened?


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Don't be fooled into thinking the Optoma Movietime is just a novelty, 'lifestyle' projector. It is also a very well specified, highly proficient home cinema projector. Its performance is on par with and betters many other 480p projectors including Optoma's own H30a and the Infocus 4805. It has a claimed contrast ratio of 4000:1 which is achieved through a technique similar to the dynamic iris concept.
Whatever the technology, the Movietime produces bright, high contrast images which have a wondeful 'snap' to them.

The convenience factor is just an added bonus and the beauty of having the DVD player incorporated into the projector is not only in the lack of cables, but it puts the source and display together which can only help in producing better images.
If you like the friendliness of the Movietime, then buy it and you'll not be dissappointed by the image.

As for rainbows, you'll notice them more in darker movies and in darker rooms. You'll hardly ever see them in a bright animated movie such as Shrek, but you'll probably see loads in a dark sepia toned movie such as Gladiator.

I used to see them, but hardly ever now. You do get used to them after a while and notice them less and less as you stop actually looking for them.
Take a DVD with you to Currys that has dark scenes and lots of yellow light and see how bad it is for you. If it is really bad, then LCD may be your only choice, but that no longer has to be a compromise as the latest batch of LCD projectors produce excellent images for not much money.

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