A Perfect Getaway (2009)


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I been waiting for this trailer for a while from director David Twohy (The Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black)

Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, and Chris Hemsworth

Trailer #1
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This movies pretty cool. I'm liking what I've seen so far. I'm a big fan of viral marketing for movies which adds to the excitement behind the movie for me. They have four news clips on missing honeymooners (check it out here YouTube - ChannelEightNewsNow's Channel) and also Facebook and Flickr pages tied into the movie (check outKent Garland - Vancouver, BC | Facebook, Jennifer Garland - Vancouver, BC | Facebook &MISSING KENT AND JENNIFER GARLAND on Flickr - Photo Sharing! I'll go see this Friday when it comes out.


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Saw this last night and was quite disappointed really.

Potential SPOILERS

I figured it out within the first 30 seconds so the film wasn't really all that tense or enthralling after that. Plus, when you are shown the twist towards the end of the movie, an action scene follows and then they do a flashback - what for? They must think we're really dumb if we need it explaining to us 5 minutes later.

That said Tim Olyphant was good (or should I say "outstanding" lol). I like Steve Zahn and think he has the potential to play a psychotic role, but he and Milla are wasted in this.


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I watched this the other day. A little hidden gem this. I enjoyed it. Decent little thriller taken to another level by lot's of screen time for a) Milla and b) Hawaii.

It was a good warm up to the final season of Lost :D


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Never got around to seeing this at the cinema last year, so a home viewing and yes the scenery is stunning, a big plus for the film. Found the direction was snappy and kept the film moving. I liked the chase edit effect though the jungle. Also the characters were good and the chit-chat between them, with everyone trying to work out the baddies amongst them. Ok it was not overly original, and it lacked a killer intense moment, but just got away with it mainly due to Timothy Olyphant's performance. - 8.1/10

Big Spoiler! -
I guess you could guess who the killers were early on, but they was never any real evidence, until Cydney (Milla Jovovich) told the story about the dog that was hung up by her boyfriend, that gave the rouse away that there was something not right about these nice honeymooner characters. I assume that was intentional at that point for the audience to know they were the likely killers.

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