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A Novel: Switching from Virgin to BT Infinity

Discussion in 'BT Broadband' started by Disgruntled 23, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Disgruntled 23

    Disgruntled 23 Novice Member

    Mar 2, 2012
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    I am posting this as a warning to anyone thinking of switching. These are some of the things that could happen to you. Not saying it will. But could. I had written this so I wouldn't forget the series of events because I just know this will come back and bite me on my a$$. Read on if you can stomach it.

    In case I forget it long term and because I know there is bound to be some comeback:

    The Broadband Switch Series of Events

    • Finally decided to get Infinity end of Jan and phoned up Virgin on 21st January to request a MAC code and see what penalty fee I would have to pay for cancelling early. Guy was very helpful, gave me the code and said I would have to pay £44 penalty. Incidentally he also warned me to phone up Virgin after the switch had taken place to ensure everything really had been cancelled.
    • I subsequently received several emails from Virgin. One was the Mac code – great! Two were duplicated ‘disconnection of phone’ emails. There was no mention of disconnecting the broadband. Which was odd but who am I to guess how this works?
    • I rang BT and set everything up to be switched over on Tuesday 7th February, which coincidentally was the time when I was using up the last of my annual leave. Engineer appointment was arranged. All seemingly went smooth as! Great!
    • I subsequently received several emails from BT as well, confirming all the arrangements – great!
    • Home hub scheduled to be delivered on Friday 3rd Feb to be ready for engineer on Tuesday 7th. I had arranged for the hub to be delivered to my work address. It did not arrive and this was the first black mark against BT. There was an attempted delivery to my home address and we weren’t in…we were at work…hence why I’d asked for it to be delivered there. Hence I had to go to the local sorting office on Saturday 4th Feb to collect it in person. No worries I thought…BT Infinity would be worth it!
    • So I am enjoying my annual leave and on Monday 6th Feb I get an email and text message to say sorry there is a delay – we will contact you Wednesday 8th Feb to reschedule the engineer visit. WHAT!!!!!? I am on the phone urgently asking *** has happened? Will this affect my connection currently? I am told not to worry and they will get back to me early on 8th Feb. Represents second black mark against BT. Don’t make appointments 2 weeks in advance and then cancel the day before. It does not make for happy new customers. But I am too far into the process now and have no power to intervene. So I wait.
    • Tuesday 7th arrives. No engineer and no Infinity. Virgin send me an email saying my phone is now cancelled and disconnected…still no mention of cancelled broadband like you would expect.
    • Wednesday 8th Feb. I receive a text and email from BT to say my new engineer visit is 20th Feb. WHAT!!!!!? That is unacceptable when I have taken my last bit of annual leave to be off for the original scheduled visit. I can’t take off more time 12 days later. I phone up and communicate this to BT. Helpful guy says he’ll try and arrange something else and thank god that afternoon he comes through for me and I have the engineer coming, finally, on Friday 10th Feb.
    • Get emails from BT on 10th and 14th Feb saying broadband is now active and order is complete respectively. No mention of phone which is weird but it still works so what the hell.
    • On Friday 17th Feb I get an advanced DD notice from Virgin. I am expecting this to be the final bill including the £44 penalty fee. It says they’re taking £30.35 beginning of March. Er….what? I phone them to have the bill deciphered. At the same time I wish to check that I am all cancelled with them. I find out that the phone is cancelled but the Broadband hasn’t been. Honestly I can’t believe this. I demand to know why this is when I’ve been using Infinity for the last week. They blame BT and say BT used the MAC code incorrectly. I immediately cancel it as they confirm I’m still paying for Virgin Broadband. Two advisors are unable to explain the bill to me. I am finally put through to what I presume is the finance section and I speak to ‘Joanne’. She seems to have a brain and is helpful. I need to know how much I need to pay to settle everything, including any penalty fees. I really want rid of Virgin. Joanne tells me that all I owe is £6.96. I query this as that makes even less sense than the first bill. She says that is all that is outstanding on my account. I presume my cancellation has gone through on their system and that is all I owe. I am not going to argue anymore. I pay the £6.96 there and then and I ask Joanne can I now delete the direct debit from my bills account? I know how these things will go and I do not want Virgin taking money from my bills account without explaining anything. Joanne agrees that I can delete the direct debit as I have no outstanding amount on my account. Ok then…I delete the direct debit. As of 02/03/2012 as I write this I have not heard anything more from Virgin.
    • Back to BT. Having got off the phone from Virgin I bite the bullet and decide to phone BT as well because, 1 whole week into my BT adventure a) there is no 1571 service on my phone b) there is no caller ID and c) I can’t login to their swanky online system – laughably it says my username, which they have repeatedly sent me in their emails for three weeks, is not recognised. I get through to an Indian call centre and explain these three issues. They are quite helpful and I can mostly understand what they’re saying. The guy says they will activate both phone services immediately – I can’t be bothered to ask why they weren’t already active? He has to transfer me to someone else for the online thing. He transfers me and to cut a long story and lots of waiting with god awful standby music – they can’t sort it out that day as there is some inexplicable software issue and can I call back another time? Ok I’ll let them off – just make sure my phone service is fully operational.
    • I subsequently get two emails from BT telling me the 1571 and caller ID will be active by 20th Feb in 3 days time.
    • Note that date of 20th Feb. That was the date that was referred to when they’d cancelled my 7th Feb original engineer visit. I have a strong feeling that all this is due to them changing that original engineer visit.
    • Note as of 02/03/2012 caller ID doesn’t work on my phone and I am still unable to login to online BT. They did activate 1571 though. I suppose I should be grateful.

    If you did read all that, thank you for sharing my pain. I do not understand why this is all so hard for them to figure out. Fortunately, Infinity is great. If it wasn't, I'd of had a heart attack by now.
  2. maf1970

    maf1970 Well-known Member

    May 2, 2006
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    Sorry to hear you have had so much trouble changing to BT Infinity.
    people have great difficulty understanding all the trouble when the task itself is relatively straightforward.
    Well, I have a few thoughts on that.

    1. People who answer the phone are useless. They are just following a script and if an enquiry deviates from it they do not have the grey matter nor intuition to allow for this.
    2. Large companies do not have one big computer system they have lots of little ones. Each of which is governed by a seperate set of people, need a user name and password for access and DO NOT talk to each other.
    3. Security. Most users now have barely enough access to complete their job. So what we consider a relatively straightforward task now requires the attention of 2 or more people as no 1 person has all the access required. What makes it even more irritating is each time you are transferred you have to explain your situation in full again.
    4. Pride and attention to detail. No one nowadays takes pride in doing their job correctly nor making sure the details are correct. Their attention is more centred on their mobile phone and text messaging and FaceBook.
  3. Foster

    Foster Distinguished Member

    Sep 25, 2011
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    West Yorks
    Sorry to hear that dude, I'm glad when I transferred it was quick and simple

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