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Feb 16, 2004
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Hi folks!
My 1st forum post :D

Was bored tonight so pinched the dvd my wee bro rented - handy those 2 night rentals! - and just watched Underworld .
what an awsome film that was; refreshingly good in the same vein (excuse the pun) that Blade was.

I never heared of the film before and didnt know what to expect. I find that films are normally best viewd like this but unfortunately in todays much comercially advertised world thats a rare treat.

Really look forward to a sequel that will hopefully carry on the story and action as the 1st film.

And if only to see more of Kate in that outfit - yes please!! ;)

Hello mate, Welcome to the forum;) Not a bad flick, looks like another on the way to
Rented Underworld along with Wrong Turn this week-end, beforehand thought Wrong Turn would be saved by Eliza Dushku but otherwise routine stuff, was looking forward to Underworld.
Turns out really liked Wrong Turn whilst Underworld was routine stuff saved by Kate Beckinsale. :D
i rented wrong turn last tuesday - yes it was saved by "faith" by the way, i thought the opposite - wrong turn was "run of the mill" where as underworld was better - mabye since it was a wee bit darker and there were no definite lines to who were the goodies/baddies and had a decent plot/story. + i'm sure the "surprise factor" helped as i did not know whatt o expect...

good news on a sequel! :D

I just saw Underworld last week and enjoyed it, and the way it ended left it open for a sequel but do not know of news of one, what have you heard BigN?

I see Kate is in the up and coming Van Helsing.

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