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I have only recently found this forum and have to say, I have read some interesting threads.

However, I am quite new to LCDs and am currently looking into replacing my Panasonic 24" Widescreen TV which is good, but takes up so much room, especially with a 6 month old baby in the house.

My living room is rather on the small side, 12 ft X 12ft and am looking at either purchasing a 23" LCD or at a real push, a 26", but the first option is to gauge opinions on the 23" selection.

I have had a good look round and at the moment, these are the ones that have caught my eye:

Philips 23PF8946
Philips 23PF9946
Sony KLVL23M1

The Sharp LC26GA3E would be top of my list but as I have said, with a young boy around the house, funds are limited, but I have seen plenty of views on this particular LCD to know a lot of you recommend it, so, my question is, any views on the other 4?

All it will be used for is watching/recording dvds using a Panasonic DMRE55EBS dvd recorder and a Sky box connected. It won't be used with a PC. I watch a lot of football aswell as films and live concert dvds.

The only other consideration I have is that the tv will be sitting in a small alcove in one corner of the room looking out to the rest of the room, so I am presuming that the 170 degree viewing angles should be ok for not directly sitting in front of the tv?

I really would appreciate any views/comments.

Many thanks



Im also looking for one for exactly the same reason basically to make more room for the baby and toys, my worry is if I dont wall mount it, how much damage can be done when the baby/toddler decides to poke the screen which they will :mad:

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