A new DVD player for under £300 (new or 2nd hand)

jon smith

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I recently sold a Pioneer 737 to upgrade to an Arcam DV88 (which I love, but may now be sold to my folks) currently connected to a Tosh 43 incher (with consoles and DVD through component, ondigital through RGB).

I'm getting a new 50 inch TV this week (Thanks to Lennyz on this very forum) that only has 1 RGB scart so need to look at getting a new player with RGB loopthrough.

Aside from the 737, what other players would you recommend for under £300. Could probably stretch to a new NS905 from AVland for £320. Not overly fond of the Toshiba's (couldn't get on with the 510 at all). And not at all bothered about SACD and DVD audio. Picture quality and user friendliness is however, very important.

Would like to keep the Arcam, but don't want the hassle of manual switching and would prefer not to connect my ondigital box by composite (although doing that and keeping the Arcam is an option).

My Xbox is gonna have to revert back to S Video, but not too big a loss on that I reckon.

Any alternatives to the 737 out there?



I'm looking at the Harmon/Kardon DVD25, has good reviews, and if the 50" set you mention is a Toshiba you will benefit from the component outputs from this player. Plays the usual CD, VCD, CD-R/RW and even MP3's. Priced at £349-00 at Home Cinema Heaven, a saving of £100-00, the player is multiregion and is RCE compatable, it evens has progressive scan if you ever go the PJ/plasma route. ;)

jon smith

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bob 007 - the Sony TV doesn't have component, if it did I wouldn't need to make a change. Not too sure about HK stuff...

baps - not really after DVD Audio or SACD. If I did go the Pioneer route, it would have to be a 737 again.

I suppose the current faves for me to get another Pioneer 737, Sony 7700 or a Sony 905. They all offer RGB loopthrough and excellent picture quality.

I will try the ondigital box through composite on the new TV to see if any good, but as it's what I watch most it really should be in RGB I suppose.


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