A Mighty Wind



Watched this last night: what a great film! It's Christopher Guest's latest project, and it's almost a folk version of Spinal Tap. I don't think it will appeal to everyone, but if you enjoyed 'Best in Show', then you're likely to enjoy this.

The songs are great (if you like folk music), and the DVD includes full versions of all songs, with videos. As usual, the characters are flawed but interesting, and the film really draws you in.

Has anyone else seen this?
I'm a huge fan of Spinal Tap and Best in Show. (haven't seen Guffman yet) I really liked A Mighty Wind, but I was a little disappointed that it didn't contain more laugh-out-loud moments. I think Guest and company went a little too easy on folk music.

Still, it's got some great characters, some really touching moments, and got some brilliant work out of Levy and O'Hara. Anybody who saw the Oscars can attest to that.
I didn't watch the Oscars, how did A Mighty Wind feature in the ceremony?
A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow was nominated for best song, so Mitch and Mickey performed it live. Very cool.

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