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A *mere* girl with sound prob, Samsung LE32N73/Sky+/Sony DVD-Theatre .. Help!



Hi … hope an expert can help a *mere* girl? :)

I have just replaced a ‘regular’ TV with a Samsung LE32N73. I have a Sky+ box and a Sony DVD/home-theatre to connect, but I can’t get the sound to work together. I can’t understand why, because it should be so straightforward?

So I think I am missing something blindingly obvious and need to ask for help.

The TV has two scarts and other things like audio out, computer connections and things I expect you will already know about.

The Sky box has 2 scarts, one designated TV and the other designated DVD

The connections on the back of the Sony are: 1 scart; "Video 1" in and out sockets yellow/red/white ; "Video 2" out sockets yellow/red/white but no ‘in’ socket.

I am using Belkin high quality scart ribbons not cables (which incidentally show a significant improvement in picture quality on Freeview over the high-quality cables I also got first)


When I chain the DVD/Theatre and the Sky box together and go in to one scart on the TV (what Sky recommends), Sky sound is perfectly okay but terrestrial/freeview sound is 1-2 seconds out.

When I connect Sky and DVD/Theatre to individual scarts on the TV, terrestrial/freeview sound is spot-on but Sky sound is then the one that is out.

I have tried connecting the TV audio red/white sockest to all the red/white sockets on the DVD/Theatre box in turn and selecting "Video 1" and "Video 2" accordingly via the Sony’s remote, but still no matching-sound where it is absent depending on the setup with scarts as above.

Right now I have them back to being chained as I watch mostly sky, and have muted the internal speakers but done nothing else. (That shouldn’t cut off the sound through the theatre system though in another arrangement of cables/connections anyway, should it?)

What I am wanting to do is just use the TV as a monitor, watch Sky/DVD/Terrestrial/Freeview with the sound in-step for everything without having to move leads around every time.

I know it’s possible, because before I got the new TV I had the same things plus a Sony DVD recorder as well, and the man from Comet where I got the recorder from had it all working perfectly straight away even with the extra box … I don’t need the recorder in the new setup, and have moved it to the bedroom TV where it will be more use ... just one cable to connect-up :thumbsup:

So, can anyone please see what I assume I am overlooking through being too close by now? Probably something embarassingly obvious I expect but I really can’t see any further … can you?

2 short other-questions …

1 - when playing a Sky+ recording the screen flashes black 2-3 times for about a second … happens at random intervals, sometimes quite frequent, other times hardly at all - the sound is not interrupted at all, only the picture … what could be the reason? Shouldn’t happen just from swapping a TV for a new one?! Sky’s hard-drive not coping, needing to catch-up? Memory is 31% free so presumably there’s enough wiggle-room?

2 - in fast-cut programmes like NYPD Blue and the CSIs, lines of high-contrast (face-to-hair, bold stripes, etc) momentarily flare red at the initial instant of the "snatch"-movement they film them in … can the red or the effect’s cause be minimised? It isn’t generally intrusive, but does annoy a little with that high-energy type filming …

I will be able to check for helpful replies the rest of today (Sat) but not tomorrow so please excuse me if I don’t reply to anything straight away then .. back to normal on Monday though

I really would like to get things set before Christmas, which is really why I bought the Samsung now … and as I was very much guided in that choice by all the advice and comments on this Forum I would be very grateful if anyone can help with my setting-up problems too … thanks.

Shel x

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