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I need a decent switchbox for my projector (Epson EMP-TW10H), I’ve been trying to decide whether to buy a Joytech Control Center or try to buy a component switcher which isn’t easy to get for sensible money in the UK.

I’m only looking to use it for my consoles (DC/GC/Xbox); I already own the official Advance RGB scarts for the Xbox and GC which give great quality on a 33” TV. I was wondering if it’s worth the extra cost to go component or if I won’t see much improvement over my current RGB scarts (as I have PAL systems).

Also, I’ve been reading through the thread about the Joytech Control Centre (1 and 2) and they seems like excellent bits of kit for the money, what I was wondering is if I use the scart inputs, will the signal only be available on the scart output? I’ve seen a few switchers that allow you to use any input with any output, is the Joytech like this or is it scart in, scart out?

Finally, what are the results like with the Epson PJ and which type of connections have you gone for?

Thanks in advance for any replies :hiya:


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I've decided to buy a Joytech control centre mk1 and use the S-Video to route component through it as the results obtained seem very impressive. All in the switch box and S-Video adapters come to £57inc p&p which is I think is excellent for a component/digital audio switcher.

I guess I just wouldn’t be happy using RGB/svideo when I know I have the equipment to let me use component, I would end up upgrading later on anyway :rotfl: and having to spend more money in the long run.

I’ve managed to get the official GC component cable from the forum for sale section but I’m still looking for a cable for the Xbox, where’s the best (cheapest) place to get an HD pack for the Xbox in the UK?

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