A man who wants to lose fat and was previously an avid gamer of computer games


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I am here to ask you for help. It's been about 5 years since I stopped playing computer games and became interested in a healthy lifestyle. I lost weight and gained muscle mass. However, one problem remained. Because I used to live in a sedentary way, I gained weight, so my body learned to store fat in a certain way. That was during puberty until about 16 years old. Now that I'm thin but with some muscles, a major problem has emerged. The places where fat was stored as a matter of priority remained the same. If it was even, I have no problem. But the point is that while at the top of my body (face, hands, neck, chest, shoulders, upper back) I have a meager percentage of fat, this fat accumulates more in the lower body, especially the back and side of the thighs, the cross area , waist area, lower abdomen, buttocks. In the area of my thighs, it is also the case that where I store more fat, I lack hair. The question is simple; what should I do to get rid of this inequality? It's a fact that the body is constantly adapting, but what should I focus on to adapt in the right direction? Which exercises to include?

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What's is your total fat % right now? There is no magic behind having 'abs' which I presume is what you mean when you say fat is stored in the same areas of the body. You to hit 15% body and below to see any abs.

I've turned 40 this year, and am determined to get lean enough to have visible abs by the time am 41. I've always been 'big boned', and my weight was heading in the wrong direction just after Xmas despite plenty of exercises.

I've made a concise effort to modify my diet since Jan, and despite plenty of cakes for various birthday parties, I think am making progress.

This guys videos are good, but essentially, eat less, eat healthy but the less bit is far more important.



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Specific exercises are not going to help.

If you are still storing fat in areas, you are not in a calorie deficit.

I would aim for a small calorie deficit, keep doing what you're doing and then weigh yourself weekly to ensure you are going the right way.

I bet you see good results within a few weeks - Good luck


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Start running. Couch to 5K will hit all of the areas of your body that you want to lose fat from. I started off thinking I'd never be able to run for more than a minute at a time let alone for 5 kilometres. Four months later, I can run for an hour without stopping and I'm running over 5k four times a week.

Avoid overly processed foods as much as you can and try to maintain a well-rounded nutritious diet. You don't need to eat less - you just need to eat sensibly.

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