A little request


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Hi there

Just ordered a Sony Bravia KDFE50A12 and was just wondering if anyone could post a pic of an XBox 360 game or any computer game running on it.

Cheers :hiya:

(I did see a picture of Mario on it but I lost the thread :mad: )


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I should have my sony delivered in the week sometime. First thing I plan to do is plug in my pc.. dvi-hdmi.

I've finally got round to buying Battlefield 2 aswell so will put up some screenys of that along with possibly call of duty 2. :D


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Found that Mario pic, it was the thread underneath this one :rolleyes:

Can't wait for the PS3 to come out

Gran Turismo HD and Resident Evil 5 :thumbsup:


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I think resident evil is coming out on the 360 as well mate.

U still can't beat the original one though!!!

love to play it on my 50incher!!!!:)


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Here are a few xbox pics I have borrowed from various other threads on the forum to wet your appetite.




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david230 said:
I'm waiting for that kiddy too.:)

@b2sbailey, what is the game in the 3rd pic you've put up?

I'm sorry I don't know. I don't own a xbox/360 and copied the picture from another post in one of the long Sony threads. Maybe somebody else out ther may know.

John 1987

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what is the game in the 3rd pic you've put up?
That's Ghost Recon: Advance Warfare.

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