A little help required



Hi all,
hope you can help me out, I have been talking for years about setting
up some sort of home cinema for years, I finally got bored of talking
and started acting.
I am looking for a receiver and speakers.
It will be used for music as well as DVD's so I presume that should
influence my choice.
The receivers I am looking at are
Yamaha RXV430
Marantz SR4300
Denon 1602
Prologic II, is a must and 6.1 would be nice (not quite a must)

I think the Marantz is best for music, Yamaha dont have the best name
for music. So would the Marantz be the best option.

Next Speakers
I am looking for smallish speakers to put on brackets up high due to
lack of space, I am thinking of 4 Monotor Audio Bronze B1's the
Monotor Audio Bronze centre and finally Monotor Audio ASW100 sub.
I was also loking at Morden Short, but thought the MA were better all

Could someone give me some advice on the receiver, as Im a bit
confused which would be best, also are MA speakers a good choice.

Thanks in advance


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i have the marantz 5300 and its a great piece of kit, good with music, great with movies. I wouldn't reccommend having your speaker way up high unless you can really avoid it tho... ideally the front stage should be at ear height when in your normal sitting position although the rears can go higher.


I would prefer to have them at ear level but there isnt the room because the TV is in one corner and I the left speaker would be touching the left side of the tv, I know the speakers would probably be shelded but I would be worried about damaging the tv.
The Marantz is probably be better amp for me, is the sr 5200 worth the extra cash or is the SR4300 just as good? what are the differences?



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I just got myself a Denon 1803 from www.unbeatable.co.uk for £307 and have to say that i'm very pleased with it both for music and DVD. It does DD5.1-EX and DTS-ES 6.1 which you mentioned you would like.


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I'd definitely recommend the Denon 1803,having owned an 1802 before upgrading,and I do know the 1803 is better in most respects,as well as very keenly priced....good luck!

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