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    I have been considering buying a digital video camera for some time and while on holiday in tennirife i was given a demonstration of a panasonic digital camcorder. The camcorder had the model code DS88 on the side and although the dealer claimed to be an authentic panasonic dealer i thought that i was best to come home and buy from here to avoid import dutys and warranty trouble.

    However, when i looked for the DS88 on the internet i cant find anything and wonder if the model has been renamed in the UK perhaps?

    The camcorder had a 3" LCD screen, memory card capabilities for stills and the ability to switch from tape to memory card as well as a USB connector for easy transfer to PC and there was something about i-link although this could very well be the same thing, as u can see im relatively new to this). I was also intrigued by the advertisement of additional software to allow you to use the camera as a webcam.

    When i looked on the what camcorder site i found that the description of the MX7 was very similar but the shop had MX5 and 6 models and the shape was slightly different.

    So if anyone has any idea what model im looking for (or even better where i could get one) your help would be much appreciated.

    Incidently, the price he was selling them for was the equivalent of £800 but he told me they would be about £1000 here.



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