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Hi guys,

I am new to AV forums and would really appreciate some help and advise.

First off i am looking to get myself a big TV like 55 inches, at the moment i have my 43 inch pioneer plasma but i feel its time to go bigger.
I would like to go down the LEDTV route as i have a 40inch LED Samsung in my sitting room and have to say i am very impressed with it, not only is it so thin, has a great picture but consumption is only 130w Max.

I am not interested in 3D at all, it really is not my thing and i have to say that i am one of the unlucky ones that get the sore eyes and the terrible headache even with expensive glasses.
So anyway i have been looking at the samsung UE55C6505 and would like to know if you guys know anything bad or anything i should be aware of before purchase or is there something better?

Thanks in advance.

Harv :thumbsup:
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