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Just been reading up on the new Panny DVDS97 which features HDMI out and the Panny receiver SAXR70 which has HDMI in/out. If I hooked thes up to a Pj using HDMI what would I then do if I wanted to hook up my PC ?

Would I go DVI to component into the receiver (i.e digi to analogue) and then HDMI to pj. OR should I lose the switching facility and go direct from the PC to the PJ and if so what connector on the pj ? Am I right in thinking that no pjs in my price range (£1500) have both HDMI and DVI in ? If so would DVI to VGA be ok picture wise ?

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You can get component outputs on a few PC cards, both ATI and nVidia do them, ATI via a converter you need to buy separately, nVidia by an included cable .. I've never seen these so can only go on what I've read and seen in ads.

Certainly your suggested method is the easiest, use the receiver as a transcoder and in practical terms won't degrade the signal as far as I can see. Displays of any kind with both DVI and HDMI are damned rare, I can vaguely recall seeing a picture of one but no idea which it was or when.

You can get DVI switch boxes, I have a Gefen 4:1, which switch DVI and HDMI but you're talking £200 or more.

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As KraGorn says your better to consider an HDMI or DVI switcher - always ensure the DVI switcher is HDCP compliant mind if your putting HDMI though it.

A 2:1 Gefen HDMI switch is sub £200 - though for around £270.00 you get the 4:1 as KraGorn suggests.

See http://www.gefen.com/kvm/productlisting.jsp?home_theater=open

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Thanks for the info guys. I didn't know you could get hdmi and dvi switch boxes. I've bookmarked the gefen site for future reference.


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Bookmarked as instructed !

Thanks :thumbsup:


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KraGorn said:
I may know where a 4:1 could be had soon. ;)
Did you mean " I may know where a 4.1 could be had soon very cheaply" :D

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