A little Connection help please.



I've just bought a Panasonic PT-AE200E projector. I'm trying to work out the best way to connect all my equipment together. I have the following sources:

DVD player (as yet to decide which one)
Sky Box
Playstation 2

I want to connect them to both the projector, and out 28" TV. Would the best way to connect them be a SCART switching box, and a long SCART cable going to the projector. Troube is all the SCART switching boxes I've found only have one output, where as I need two. Any recommendations?? And is a SCART switching box the best way, as I dont want picture quality to suffer.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


Thinking about it a little more, I could connect DVD to the TV using Scart, and to the projector using a 10 meter S-Video. And the Skybox has got two scart sockets, so one to the TV and one to the projector, again with a 10 metre scart cable. I'm not too fussed about having the PS2 connected to both the TV and projector.


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Hi Jeremy_a
I would suggest that you would be best off looking at a dvd player that offers a prog scan output.

you could try
DVD - PJ via component
DVD - TV via scart
PS2 - PJ via S-Video
Sky - pj via scart
Sky- TV via scart

Remember that your sky box will only have one RGB scart output and the other scart output only sends composite which won't look very good. If your were to upgrade your sky box to Sky+ then you could use the s-video output on the sky+ box for your PJ anmd keep rgb scart for your TV.


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or buy an a/v amp, hook all the sources in to that, by various cables, then get an s-video to scart for connecting to the TV and a component to the PJ :)

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