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A little bit different - AV Stand - and cheap

Discussion in 'AV Stands, Cabinets, Seating & Furniture' started by JMAPUK, Jul 21, 2005.



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    I have just been reading though some of the posts and i'd thought i would add my 2 pence worth .....

    the guys that produce these brackets know there stuff i currently have 5 of the larger brackets TVA 2046 a 1 of the TVA 2045 now these blot to the wall and have cable management built into them now these are made in The Netherlands but you can buy them over here web site http://www.robinsonselectric.co.uk/Vogels.asp

    and just do a search for TVA and you'll find them they come in silver or black and they will hold the weight of a pioneer VSA-E08 !!!!!

    Any way thought I'd pass on the message ....oh and by the way each bracket costs around £24 (thats for the TVA 2046

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