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Hey everyone,
So I'm just starting out in drones, kind of, and I'm trying something that I know I should wait for, but I'm already in it, so might as well push thru.

I'm building a drone, and I'm going for long flight time, don't really care how agile it is, as long as it's a good flight time. Now I did have a "friend" that was helping me, until I found out he knows less about drones than I do.

So this is what I have so far:
4- 2205S 2300kv motors
4- 7" T7056CR 3 blade props
2- 1500mAh 100C 4S batteries

Now, my frame is going to be pretty heavy because I want it to be out there solid as a rock when it's got some wind (I live in Oregon, it's almost always at least a little windy), and I know I still need a fc, esc, gps, tx and rx modules, and a remote.

Any suggestions? Oh, and I'm working on about $40 a month of money I can put towards this, so any penny savers would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone in advance,


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Heather, dont bother. Buy a drone thats links to a decent app on your phone/tablet enjoy the hobby.
I started off with a home built drone, buying it from ebay. Never got it going then started to build my own using various flight controller's. Programming the FC was a nighmare, changing the PID's every flight.
I bought 650 frame's and built another drone using a Pixhawk FC and never went any further, it's now gethering dust on the shelf . I decided to buy a drone , a one I could just charge the battery's and fly. Must admit , I have a few drones now as I never got rid of my earlier purchases, but a fly out of the box drone is the best option.
Lots to choose from too , but my experience now points in the direction of DJI. My Mavic Mini (1) is great.
I still love flying my old drones: XK Detect, Flying 3D,Parrot Bebop,Blade 350 QX3,Xiaomi MI,Parrot Disco,Yuneec Mantis and a host of others but for pure simplicity and video quality it has to be the Mini.
I can only imagine what the top end DJI models can do in terms of simplicity to fly and video quality.
So there you have it, a little info from someone who has been into this hobby for about 7 years.
If you have lots of time on your hands, go a head and build a drone , it's fun but time consuming. If you just want to fly and enjoy videoing seascapes, landscapes and everything else , buy a drone fit for the purpose and ready to fly out of the box.

Deleted member 914603

Thanks for the response. Time is one thing that I do have. Because I'm disabled, I no longer work, but because of the pandemic shooting everything down, I haven't been able to get on disability yet. And I wouldn't be against purchasing one that's ready to fly out of the box, but I haven't been able to find one that can do what I want it to that doesn't cost thousands of dollars. And I'm thinking that it doesn't cost that much to manufacture one so it shouldn't be so much for me to order similar parts and build it myself. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Also, I'm thinking that all of these really nice looking bodies could add cost, which I'm cool with getting rid of since I don't care about how it looks, just how it flies. Another thing that most of the drones are geared towards is speed and agility, which I don't care about either.

Anyways, I just thought I'd reach out and see if there was a way to build one from scratch.


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From a hobbyist point of view building your own drone is a great idea. You dont really need a massive amount of parts for a basic drone : frame, ESC's, motors, props, power PCB and the most important FC. I enjoyed the wiring, soldering and the assembly. My early home built drones were made out of round or square aluminium tubing. I used mini scales to get the arms the exact weight. My FC's were KK 2.1 but needed programming and that was my bugbear. My last attempt with one of my drones was using the Pixhawk FC, this was the drone with 14" props. I lost interest and shelved the lot of them. I just taken 2 off the shelf to photograph.
So, if you have time on your hands and some patience, go for it. You will find it very enjoyable and the end result will be great.........if it fly's .....that's a bonus :)


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Hey Heather, I built my quad for pretty cheap and can fly 7km (4 miles) out and about 13km (8 miles) roundtrip. I use it mostly for long range mountain cruising and it works great, even in wind.

Here's a recent video for example, and it also has all of my build specs/parts listed in the description:

I'm just using a cheap zmr250 frame, which are only like $25, with 6" props. Happy to help but don't always check this forum, so if I don't respond throw a comment on youtube and I'll get an alert.

I also have some DIYs for cheap easy to make long-range antennas and batteries that could be of interest to you. Cheers!


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From your list of parts I saw a few issues. What is the size of your frame going to be ? The motor and props you chose are for a smaller drone meant for speed. I'm researching for myself as well. If the drone is going to be a larger one , from what I read is that the lower the kv of the motor the more thrust it has , the larger the propeller is the more weight it can lift. If I'm wrong , please someone correct me . You will also have to get a speed controller that matches the voltage of the motor. Hope this helps.

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