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A little advice please

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by ZAMM, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. ZAMM


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    I have been looking into buying a new AV amp.

    I am currently using a yamaha tss1 system with my xbox (I know its not great for DVDs but it will suffice until my sound system is sorted out). I am looking for a AV amp I can buy from a shop in the south west (I don't like buying electrical stuff over the net in case stuff goes wrong.)

    I have been looking at the richersounds website and found a few decent looking offers all for around the 199 pound range.

    a Yamaha RXV430RDS
    Pioneer VSXD810
    Yamaha HTR5540RDS

    I was wondering which of these was the best. I would like as many surround setups as possible, ie DTS ES, DD, PL2, and including 6.1 as the DVD player I will buy should be quite good. (What is 6 channel input, does this mean if your DVD has a built in decoder you just connect its speaker outputs to the amp via these inputs?)

    The maximum sound level is not of great importance to me as I never have the sound that loud. This RMS, wattage WPC (thought that was a lady policeman) and all the stuff in ohms is a bit confusing to me.

    What I really want is amazing clarity at low volumes. Basically I want to hear the dirt land behind me when I throw a grenade in halo.

    My current system is great as a budget system but not that good on the "details" of the sound.

    I also have a question about the richersounds shops, I know the website says they have a sale on but the discount on the pioneer 810 seems to good to be true, 450ish down to 199. Are they being cheeky and giving the price when it was released rather than what shops charge now or is it an end of run machine with a replacement pioneer out soon.

    Thanks for any help I get and I am sure I will be back soon with questions about possible speaker set ups soon. (Those flat panel wharfedales look great at 79 quid a pair, I don't know if they are much good though)

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