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Wondering if anyone out there can give a novice some advice? Have just bought a new house and have perfect place to put a 42" plasma. Have done some research and have decided on the Panasonic PWD6 in silver. I've managed to find this for £2178 from digital-point.co.uk (any horror stories on this place?).

Decided to also upgrade my DVD player and had decided on Tosh SD330E, until I realised it didn't have Prog Scan. Went into Richer Sounds and they recommended their CA DVD55. I bought this (but not opened it yet) without reading any reviews other than the Home Entertainment one they had in the shop. Having read a few threads on here, I might have done the wrong thing, but can still exchange.

So question is: For a budget (ish) solution is the following going to serve me well, or can anyone recommend a better one for same money?

Plasma: Panasonic TH42PWD6
DVD: Cambridge Audio DVD55 (already bought but can change)
Speakers: Mission FS2 (already bought)
AMP: Yamaha DSP A5 (already owned)
Sat: Sky+

DVD - Plasma - IXOS XHV704 (Component to Component)
Sky+ - Plasma - IXOS XHT611 or QED 4110 (Scart to Scart)

Any help will be really appreciated, as although I've researched it, you can only believe the magazines to a certain extent. Users generally give a much better and independent view!

Thanks a lot


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Your choice of plasma is an excellent one - not so sure about the DVD player however. If it has component output use this, you'll need a component board for the panny if you haven't already got one. For SKY, suggest getting RGB/VGA convertor (there's plenty of threads on this subject - use search) and feed this via the VGA input.


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SNICK, thanks for the reply. Quick question, is the VGA input already on the Panny as standard?


the vga is indeed standard.

Further to SNICK's suggestion, I would recommend an iscan processor instead of the convertor. You could then use the toshiba dvd you wanted to the iscan and then output in prog scan to the vga. Likewise you could do this with sky+.

as for supplier, try av-sales instead of your suggestion. While their deal is more expensive it includes mounts and video board plus they are really fantastic guys to deal with



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Bought a few things from Digital Point and had no problems at all - they ring you to confirm a day of delivery, and although the drivers won't receive Customer Service of the Year awards they get the job done perfectly well.

So no problems here either!


for the same spec as the digital point plasma...... avsales will be at £100 cheaper


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