A list of compatible universal remotes for Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+?


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Hi, first post so apologies if I haven't checked the relevant forums in order to find a suitable answer to my question. If there isn't one, then I'd like some help in choosing a suitable remote.

I haven't done a great deal of research so far because doing so via Google only lead me to pages with more people asking similar questions.

I've found the following remotes that are said to work with the Cyclone Micro 2+:

Logitech Harmony 300 - Someone on this site reported that they have had success with this remote and that the required installation code is contained either in the remote already, or in the database stored on the installation disk (I'm assuming that is how it's configured). Unfortunately for me, it only supports 4 devices and the Cyclone would be the 5th.

I can only assume that models above the 300 also have support, but I'm reluctant to spend more money on a remote than I have on the Cyclone. Oh and this is all in aid of getting my parents a few christmas presents... none of these products are even for me :laugh:

One For All URC-7960 - can be had for £15 online and gets good reviews. It also supports up to 6 devices. Unfortunately, the correct code doesn't come pre-installed in the remote's memory and it appears that new codes can't be installed by the user at home. I would have to post the remote to them in Swansea where they'd install the new code into the memory and post it back to me, free of charge so long as I have proof of purchase within 12 months. They have given me the code, but told me they'd need to install it which is an inconvenience. I'm not ruling it out as an option just yet though.

For the record, the URC-7960 is just the remote I liked the look of the most out of the <£20 units, so I don't know if all One For All remotes will support the Cyclone or whether or not I was just freakishly lucky to have chosen that one first.

If anyone else knows of any remotes that willbe suitable, please let me know. I can also update this post to make a list if there are several responses. I, personally, would like to avoid any horrible tacky looking remotes for £1.99 though as I do intend to set it up for my parents to use with their new 3D TV and other equipment. :thumbsup:


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I have the cyclone primus V2 and the problem I have is I am currently on Hoilday and I loaded my box with a hole load of home movies AND I forgot the remote (doh). I will look in the local store and see if they have the remotes mentioned, Thanks for the post a good starting point for me
Any help would be very much appreciated..

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