A lesson to you all!


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:lesson: Always check to make sure that your camera has a memory card in before you go out :blush: :suicide: :blush:

Lovely night up here so I thought I'd have a drive out to get the sunset going down using my 10-22. Nice area about a 30 min drive from me that looks over the solway firth onto criffel (mountain) where the sun would be going down. Also had an idea of rigging up the tripod in the back of the car on the way home like a few of you have done to get some shots whilst driving.

Set up my tripod, framed my picture, click, message on screen then says No CF Card :suicide: Spare ones were in my other bag as well :suicide:

Had a nice drive out at least


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Just as bad is losing a CF card after all those lovely shots ...Im getting to the point where downloading right off to a laptop is looking like a good idea.. the cards them selves don't count for much once the images are off them!


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Ah! At least you have 'shoot without card' to off, I know carm spent a night shooting with no card and didn't realise LOL

I was lucky in that I only took a few dozen shots in the garden and then noticed there was no card in when I came to transfer to the computer ! I now have that silly menu setting set to off :D


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Yep - turned that off as well after reading about a guy who shot a whole wedding without a card in :eek:.


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I did a similar thing, left my CF card in the card reader in my PC and went off to college, came to take some shots turned the camera on message appeared NO CF Card. :(


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Never forgotten a card but often forget to change settings.

What we need is a check list, like they have for pilots :)


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I've got 3 camera bags, slingshot 200, microtrekker 200, topload zoom and I'm thinking of buying 3 1gb cheapo cards and leave one in each bag. They'll probably never get used but it's better to be safe than sorry!!


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Not an option on all cameras, but I always keep a SD card in the 1d's second slot to cover for my forgetfulness

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