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Hi All

Since moving back to NZ from the UK I have followed many fellow members building projects and have been hanging out to share my own with you all.

Our first home after 6 years in the UK is a 2 storey house on 980m2 Section built back in 1967. The house is a solid well built home but needs alot of comestic work including the need for a new kitchen and bathroom.

BUT... having all these expensive toys lying around + spending most of our time in the lounge has meant my wife has allowed me to start my own Cinema wall project & to completely revamp the lounge including installed a new Free standing wood burner.

Main idea is to create a separate entrance / hall & build a new wall for a recessed TV , electric Projector screen & equipment shelving to tidy it all up.

The room is roughly 8.5mtrs x 5mtrs + the hallwayy/entrance which has a wierd zig zag feature??? why?!

The equipment list is as follows:

Pioneer LX-53
Pioneer BDP-330 Bluray player
Pioneer BDP-430 Bluray player
TelstraClear HD Tbox (equivalent to Sky HD in NZ)
Samsung UA55D6600 LED Smart TV
Elite VMAX 2 electric screen
Epson EH-TW3200 Projector
Kef IQ70 Front speakers
Kef IQ30 Rear speakers
Kef IQ60c Centre
SPX-19 Sub Woofer

Enough typing and time for the photos!

First photos are from before we bought the house.. there is a planter box in the lounge & about 5 different types of curtains!




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A couple a quick updates already as I have been slow to get this online! Sorry about some of the pictures, we have two high end SLR's and the wife used our underwater camera which is crap for house photos!

Demo was loads of fun, dust and crap everywhere as expected!


By dangusnz at 2012-08-02


By dangusnz at 2012-08-02


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Another update - last for today, some plasterboard up now and frames being erected!

Eek before I get introuble I thought i better use thumbnail photo links or are the big ones ok?




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Great, cause the big ones are better!

Lots has happened this week.. Framing was completed, linings have gone on and the stopping has started.

Finishing touches going on today like Cove (scotia) etc & sanding should be done tomorrow and we can finally paint!


By dangusnz at 2012-08-03


By dangusnz at 2012-08-02


By dangusnz at 2012-08-03

The cavity's on the left are for the joinery shelf unit I am getting made for the equipment to go in & the bottom one is for the subwoofer and the access door to get into the cable recess hidden so I can run cables easily if required at a later date.

Unfortunately stuck with the horrible carpet for a while as the woodburner as killed the bank balance a little!


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First question!

The epson eh-tw3200 has lens shift which I don't need as I can mount the projector in the middle of the screen on the ceiling But... If i mount it a little to left it won't be visable at all through the window..

Does using the lens shift cause any loss in image quality at all?

Don't want to mount to the ceiling then find I want to move it!



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Hi guys,

Painting nearly complete - will post some pics soon..

Can someone please answer the above question re: the projector position etc?



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Well its been a busy couple of weeks. Work during the day, painting by night!

Ceiling done now including holes for the downlights - two coats on the TV, projector wall but unsure until I see again if ill put a third coat on or not..


By dangusnz at 2012-08-20

Need a wide angle camera but heres the other new wall which now gives us a hallway on the otherside


By dangusnz at 2012-08-20

and the best part about the build so far is our new wood burner :) I havn't been able to setup the AV toys yet but thing so pretty dam awesome :)


By dangusnz at 2012-08-20


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Two coats of paint on the skirting, window painted, Lights installed, TV installed & projector screen installed!

Still have to install the projector, run the cables for it. Install a shelf into my recess to house the modems etc + tidy and organise all the cables to slowly install everything into the joinery but getting there!

So nice to see the TV on the wall + the projector screen working.. finally!



By dangusnz at 2012-08-26


By dangusnz at 2012-08-26


By dangusnz at 2012-08-26


By dangusnz at 2012-08-26


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Dam, how long does this stuff take!

Unfortunately can't afford to update the carpet at this stage but thats ok for now.

Finally set about installing everything - took me a full day and didn't even get to configure everything but nearly there!

Projector cables in:


By dangusnz at 2012-09-02

Sorting out the cables before installing the Joinery shelf


By dangusnz at 2012-09-02

Cables coming through:


By dangusnz at 2012-09-02


By dangusnz at 2012-09-02

Put the speakers etc in place & put the shelf on the wall roughly for the centre. Got to mount the projector and configure now! further & maybe last update coming soon!

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