A is for Acid



I thought Martin Clunes acted his socks off in the first half - second half on tape due to early start. Once again ITV forgot to use widescreen but that is par for the course. The story could have fizzled out once he had dissolved his mates family business. The friendship was obviously strained as he left the oil drum to go down the drain. Was the bank manager the same actor that played Billy Elliot's dad? I think so.
Only problem was that they didn't explain why he got hanged, even though he'd been reading in jail that he couldn't be hanged if there was no "body" found.

I actually know the answer to why he got hanged (cos he'd confused the term "body of evidence with an actual, physical body), but it would have been nice for them to explain it to people who were left wondering why he didn't walk away scot-free after him musing that he would.

Apart from that, and some glaring continuity errors (blood on his head one scene, gone the next, back the next) it was a good effort.

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