A hypothetical thread for the manufacturers!


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Ok so it seems to me that time and again reviewers receive tv's that shine during reviews. And it seems to me that the public then go out and spend their hard earnt cash on those tv's based on those reviews. I'm not just talking about the reviews here, I'm talking generally.

All too often a great review of a tv is then met with a plethora of problems from buyers, the latest reviews of 3D sets prove that.

Call me cynical, but I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that the sets the reviewers are sent for review and the sets the public buy are, erm... a little different?! But as I said, I'm being cynical. BUT - IF you manufacturers are sending enhanced units for review, then it's time you woke up...

Look, we just want you to be honest with us ok? How about a, "Ok people, we can give you this quality but it's going to cost a little extra ok?" approach to things? Seriously, I think most would agree with me that they'd have more respect for you if you adopted that stance. So ok, it'd cost a little more. But if that meant we'd get the same quality tv that the reviewers test then so be it! Rather that than read a glowing review of a set, then receive something that just doesn't cut it. All that does is **** people off and ruin your reputation?!

So maufacturers, please... IF you are sending enhanced sets for review, just make those enhanced sets and charge a little more in the first place? Ta.

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