A hello and a question



First of all may I say hello and how good it is to find so many fellow technoracks.
It look like I have a lot of reading to do:).

My question, (if I may ask one so early in our relationship?).

If I use an Upscaling dvd such as the Philips DVP5960 or the Aldi 39 quid job is it only the dvd information that gets upscaled and sent through HDMI or.......
Will it display an inputed scart composite / RGB signal by way of passthrough to the HDMI, and also upscale it, (or with the philips at least help a bit with progressive scan).

I have just purchased a Philips 42" Plasma with HDMI and the Composite signal from my Telewest Cable unit is quite Poo, I will change to the TV Drive next year, but I am not shure I could face Christmas tv watching painting by numbers..

Thanks for feeding my brain




Ah!, Now then.....

I forgot to include that in my post.

I already use the scart connection from the box into the correct RGB scart on the tv, and the output from the box is set to RGB. I have also tried another scart cable and things are the same.

when I run a standard X box to said scart input the picture is great.

Even though the dvd would not upscale the analogue signal can it still be carried from the scart to the HDMI out into the telly (passing through) for some improvement.

I have have heard about various products that can take a composite signal and upscale to 720p to HDMI. I know that it might sound tight, but can I do this cheaply?.

Someone has also told me that if I run RGB Scart into an Eversham HDMI iBox it will upscale the signal?.



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