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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by DAS, Mar 16, 2005.

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    My 37” Viera arrived on Monday after the courier and I had struggled to get the thing up the stairs to my small top floor flat. At first the screen looked enormous, but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to the size. The picture is superb, hooked up to my Telewest box by component/RGB to AV4.

    A good word also for 123electricals - good service.

    I do have 3 questions (for now) that I hope someone can answer for me:

    1) I have an external surround sound system that is connected to both the Plasma and the STB via phonos and via optical to the E55 DVD recorder that came with it. When I give an input to the amp, such as changing the volume, it makes a “popping” sound that never happened with my previous set up. It also happens sometimes when the sound source changes on the TV. It sounds like some kind of interference or switching, but still happens when I disconnect the phonos from the plasma. Any ideas?

    2) The STB is routed via the E55 that came with it to enable RGB recording, but as this is on AV4, I can’t seem to be able to watch this and record from the E55’s internal analogue tuner at the same time. If I record from the tuner, it appears on AV4 replacing the Telewest picture. Is this correct?

    I did try and loop the aerials all the way via TV, VCR and E55, but the signal on some of the DVB channels was too weak that way (including the one channel I wanted that’s not available on Telewest).

    3) Is it OK to keep the centre speaker on top of the STB? With all my kit, I couldn’t quite get everything as I wanted on the stand, even after adjusting the height. I don’t think this is causing the interference on sound (Q1) as I tried moving the speaker away and it remained.

    Thanks for your attention and help, both now (hopefully!) and prior to purchase.


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