a happy man at last,a vast differance


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got my cdm1nts back from b&w (they replaced faulty tweeter driver moter) hooked up to 3802 they now sound as they should , have at last got the (wow factor) am now a happy man ,thanks all


Glad to hear it mick23 (no puns intended).

I remember when I bought my Ruark Preludes, they didn't sound right at all. Took them back, discovered the left of the pair had some internal bracing which had come away.

Ruark were superb, took the pair back and next day delivered a brand new pair... along with £30 worth of record vouchers by way of an apology! The working Preludes have been excellent ever since.

Hope you enjoy your B&Ws for a long, long time to come.


:D :D brilliant Mick, had to be something wrong. I was beginning to suspect impaired high frequency hearing as you are a sheet metal worker but thought I might sound a bit cheeky.
How did you discover the fault?


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thanks all, re fault , demos with store cdm1nts +3802 or arcam a85 or avr200 all ok, at home mypair just sounded crap, i put it down to (room accoustics,more run in etc) dealer heard my speakers at home there ok, you need better (cable/source/better quality recordings etc) sent speakers back to b&w they found tweeter driver moter was faulity in one speaker which was replaced, got them back today with 3802+2 chan , the sound quality is now very good , its very frustrating to have had all this (bother since may) trying to figure out what was (at fault) with my gear, still its resolved now, if i buy any hifi in the future its going to be a (home demo with the acctual item of purchase) and if not happy back it goes,thanks all

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