A Guide to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

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i'm starting to think that most of my underwhelm is due to the fact that the 4k tv nowdays have a very very good electronics that make a great upscaling of non 4k contents. So having a true 4k bd or a 1080p bd on those tv doesn't make that huge difference that we are looking for...on a 55" at least.
anyway, after my first trio of 4k bd i've purchased BR 2049 and Joker. Joker is in dolby vision. Both are great movies and the QP is great.
good upgrade over the regular bd. Joker in particular is a very good upgrade in dolby vision. And again....great but not mindblowing.
I think your probably correct with the upscaling abilities of new Tv's. Br 2049 is a good example of UDH. I have got my copy of Joker but not watched it yet, However I have DV turned off on my player as I prefer HDR and I always have lip sync issues with it so I tend not to use it.


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You may want to go and research that statement as it isn't remotely true. In fact you may find the opposite is closer to the truth.
To be fair it is obviously true fewer old movies were shot digitally in 4K but, of course, most film out resolves 4K.


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Could somebody help me to explain why some 4K UHD blu ray movies look grainy?
They are reviewed ( by this forum) with very high score in picture quality :
Brave Heart
Black Hawk Down
Mission Impossible Fallout

the review said that picture is full fat native 4K. It seems to me the old movies have grains when comparing to recent ones

I try a test when sitting VERY close to the TV ( around 80cm-100cm). When looking at the actors’ faces, I can see grains on it. You can see more grainy on the back ground ( for example: Black Hawk Down, when you look at the sky - not the helicopters)

That grains is HARDLY seen on :
War for the Planet of the Apes
Hacksaw Bridge
John Wick 3
and some more...

I may be wrong in something, please correct me


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There is no opinion around.
So I am not totally convinced by AV forum reviews when they did give a high score in picture quality ( 9/10, 10/10....) for those movie above

I wish there is someone here watching at the movie above again then please let me know your opinion


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It's not that there is no opinion, this topic has been done to death googling for this is more likely to give you an answer.

The problem is you are equating grain with bad picture quality, when in fact it's the grain that makes film, well look like a film. Movies shot on film will always have grain and grain is good, in fact lack of grain on movies shot on film is a very bad sign.

Modern films are shot digitally and don't have grain, although it can be added as a stylised choice. In my opinion these movies look way too clean and not like real film.

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