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I use Google for a lot of research. I understand that Google tracks any word search that goes through it and "tries" to best match the query, however after a wee while it will start producing similar results from previous used words and searches.

This bugs me as I have to use other folks computers (which are clean of my type of keyword searches) to find new links. Is there any way I can cleanse my Google search id info to produce different results?


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Removing the google cookie should do it and then there should be an advanced setting you can set on google that doesn't track your keywords. Can't give exact steps as I've never done it.


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Are you talking about Google Chrome browser?
It sounds like you are getting annoyed with the auto-fill from previous searches and just need to clear your browsing history.
In which case you would click....
Tools>Options>under the bonnet>Clear browsing history
You could also disable the option "use a prediction service...." which should stop it happening in the future.


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Your symptom doesn't sound like a google feature. You can delete words directly from the auto-complete drop-down in most browsers.


I use an Add-on called Cookieculler to remember sites I want to, and to clear everything else easily.
Info here - mozdev.org - cookieculler: index

Also, I've installed the Add-on from Google to opt out of Google Analytics which may help with the way Google tracks the words used in your searches
Info here - Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

Forgot to say, I'm using Firefox, but there is a Google opt out for other browsers too

Also, I forgot to mention the 'aboutads' website which I had a quick look at a couple of months ago, there maybe be some useful info there?
Link - http://www.aboutads.info/choices/
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