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A good video camera for our budget


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Hey all,

I've been looking around for a good video camera that fits our budget of £300 or less.

We don't want to keep buying video tapes so that's one ruled out. Hard drive based video camera is also my other thought but the idea of having a moving part that could destroy the platter doesn't appeal me.

So I guess flash/memory based video camera would suit us.

Our needs is to video our holiday, outings, indoors & outdoors and make it into DVD to be handed out to families and also editing for web upload and storage on computer for viewing too. I have fire wire connection and also card reader if it's any help.

We have HDTV, so hopefully the budget will allow me to buy an HD video camera.

Is there a video camera that meets our needs?

Thanks all


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A decent Hi def camcorder for £300 ( or less) in any format is a tall order

In fact to get a decent HDD SD model for £300 you would have to be model specific as I know very few , if any

For SD card models Check out the Canon and Pansonic SD models in that price range

Some might suggest Samsung or Sanyo models HD models for not much more but should they tempt you, read around them and make your own mind up
Im not a great fan but they appeal to a no of folk here
Firewire is for minDv tapes ( SD or HDV) which you wont touch
USB card reader is fine but some of the Hi def device ( card) seem to prefer you to download from camcorder with own software ( very silly design concept) unless you dont care to use the camcorder as a playback device aftershooting

Software abounds for creating DVDs , web based formats ect , whichever format or brand you end up with
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If possible I say stretch your budget to a Samsung HMX 20C at £380. It's a HD camcorder, and has had decent reviews. It's the lowest cost, quality HD model I'm aware of.

If you are able to go that far then read the review here before purchasing so you have a better idea what you'd be getting.

If you do have a hrd limit of £300 then just ignore me, lol. :)


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I'm liking the HMX20C more and more after doing some research. One thing that I can't find the answer is... how big can it accept for memory card. Can it accept 16GB card?

Samsung website doesn't tell me anything. :(



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I would say Canon fs100... small easy... and cheap... i got mine from Tottenham Court Road in London for just £220... 16GB memory card (which gives you 4 hours og High Quality and over 10 hours normal, recording) in amazon for £20 so for just 240 u got good camcorder...
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Well, that was silly of me... I waited until we were ready to buy the HMX20C. And you know what? It's either discontinued or the price has gone crazy! £450 upward to £600!

Guess I missed out the bargain... :(

So... what else are good? We also have come into more money, so a budget of up to about £350 to £380.

Thanks all and a Happy Christmas!

A n d r e w

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Panasonic SD9? Doesn't have the big sensor of the Samsung though - 3 small (some would say tiny) CCDs instead. But a good camcorder in good lighting (indoor results are a bit average but still passable) and you should be able to find it for around £320-350.


A n d r e w

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I forgot to mention the Panasonic £50 "cashback" deal which is on for another few days (until the 31st if I remember correctly). Particpating bricks-and-mortar stores only.

I believe Canon still has a similar deal on its HD camcorders: take a look at canon.co.uk. That makes the HF100 about £100 dearer than the SD9, give or take. The Canon discount applies to (most) online purchases, too.


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Me again.

Still haven't found one yet!! The HMX20C is still priced high, so think I'm going tom give up with that idea of getting that.

My budget is now about £350 or so. Has anything been released since my last post and which one would be the recommended one?

Ideally, I would need to edit the movie files easily without purchasing expensive software.



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I decided to wait a bit longer and now I am able to spend up to £400 to £450 for a good HD video camera.

Requirements from my earlier post still applies, but ideally would be able to do video editing without having to spend too much money on video editing software. And without converting from locked down format to easy to edit AVI files.

Or am I asking too much? :)

Anyway, is there a video camera that meets my needs? I'm visiting London tomorrow & Tuesday, so will be able to visit some shops to have a play about.

Thanks all.


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You can buy the Sony HDR-TG3 for that sort of money (cheapest price I've seen is £399 plus memory card); there are huge forum threads on the subject that starts here and continues here, which will hopefully answer all your questions in relation to video editing and other issues.

There are also Panasonic and Canon alternatives to be had for similar money, and these are also mentioned as part of the TG3 discussion.


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Thanks for the reply. I'm not a fan of that sort of design, i.e. holding it like a hairdryer/gun. ;)

I've come across Panasonic HDC-TM20 - thoughts? I'm currently searching in this forum.

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