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Greetings all. Can you guys recommend a good phone for partially blind people? Looking at something with a big screen (very important). Will an I pad be better? Thanks:)


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That’s tricky to answer without knowing exactly how well you see. I am registered partially sighted and I really enjoy the iphone. It has some useful accessibility features - including larger font for text messages but this does not change all fonts and sometimes they can be small. What is really good though is a full screen zoom is included within the whole OS, where you can zoom in by tapping the screen with 3 fingers. This works in any app and I use this a lot, especially towards the end of the day when my eyes are tired.

Whilst I am registered partially sighted, I am only just that bad so I do manage well with the iphone. I can imagine with worse eyesight it might be a bit limited. It does include voice over accessibility functions but not sure how useful they'd be. Having said that, I have seen something on the news about a blind person using an iphone. I haven't properly explored android but I don't think it has the system wide zoom feature and the fonts often look small so I'd avoid.

One of the great things about a smartphone is access to online information. I use my iphone all the time for navigating and getting around. I check train times daily as I often can't read the departure boards at the station. For many train stations the national rail app even gives you the platform number!

The ipad is even better, the three finger zoom works really well due to the larger screen size. Of course its not a phone though and isn't very portable.

Why don't you pop in to an apple store and have a look at an iphone. Perhaps ask someone to show you the accessibility features. The next iphone to be released, 'may' have a larger screen too though this isn't confirmed


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Thanks for your reply. I'm probably in the same boat as you. Hard to see the arrivals and departures of trains on the board and other things advertised as I am walking around.

I have a phone where I feel like tossing it out the window whenever I try to msg somebody. The keyboard is small and the letters are so close together than it is difficult to press on the letter without the letter next to it popping up.

I was told that an Ipad would be great for me as my family live abroad, the ipad has a built in cam to enable face to face communication. So wouldn't mind getting that and also instead of carting a laptop around.

I did go to an Apple store and they are not really people you want to have them assisting you. I live in Barcelona and it is difficult finding a person who knows what they are talking about. LOL

I prefer to get information from people who have used these gadgets and probably have more experience with these things than salespeople at a phone shop!


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Don't mean to sound condescending so please ignore if you already know this but the ipad cannot make phone calls - you can obviously use things like Skype on it to have video chats but it isn't actually a phone.


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Go in to the apple store and ask for a demo
The staff in apple stores always go out of their way to help you.
You'll nit find anyone more experienced.
And you'll get to have a hands on demo


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whilst I really love the iphone, considering your needs and that I will admit I have no idea if the iphone's screen is big enough for a partially sighted person. Have you had a look at the Dell Streak, yes it's rather more beefy in size but it does sport a larger 5 inch screen:

Dell Streak - O2


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Moved to the main Mobiles Forum and thread title amended as not iPhone specific


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I would be careful with the idea that bigger the screen the better. It is all down to the Operating System. You can have the biggest screen in the world but if everything on the screen is tiny then its totally unusable. And of course normal sighted users generally want things to be small so they fit more on screen.

Perhaps an Android user could help the OP out and look at the accessibility options. Is there a system wide zoom feature? If not can you buy an app? Can you change font size? I bet on most the apps you can't. On the iphone and ipad you can zoom in the whole screen in any app which is very useful. Apple OSX on their macbooks and iMac's also includes a full screen zoom built into the OS.


I'm also partially sighted with around 20% vision. I have the new HTC Desire S Android phone and find it fine for most things. There is no system wide zoom that I have found, but generally the font is good enough for me to use even without my glasses on - not so much by the end of the day when I am tired though, but still not too bad.
I've only had the phone a few weeks and is my first Android phone although I did have a SAmsung Pixon smart phone before this. I am still finding my way around it and the apps market, but so far it seems to be ok for my use.


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