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A good alternative to the Arcam AVR280?



I had finally decided on purchasing an Arcam AVR280 amplifier, but am now unable to find one in stock at the discounted price of sub £400 (with hifix and superfi no longer having any in stock).

I was thinking of increasing my budget a bit, with the main contendor being either the Denon 2809 or the Yamaha 863 (finding one in stock is a challenge mind:lesson:), are there any other HD amps with more musical than muscle traits you would reccomend in the £4 - 600 category? Im 99% sure they will initially be powering a pair of standmounted Quad 11L2 speakers (with Quad l-ites as surrounds and an REL subwoofer completing the package later on).

Id love an Arcam 350 but cant find one below £800....

Many thanks


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