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A frustrating installation: Third time lucky?


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After two visits from Openreach and a third scheduled for tomorrow, I’m starting to lose my patience!

The first visit (using sub contractor Kelly Communications) installed the interstitial faceplate in the wrong place; on an extension rather than the master socket. Resulting in a slow connection and the broadband cutting out whenever a handset was lifted or external call came in.

The second visit (direct from Openreach this time) moved the master socket to the home office - which was great - but when he left we noticed that we still have the cut-out issue when other non-filtered phone handsets are used.

Needless to say they’re coming back tomorrow and I want to be armed with the information I need to ensure he gets the job done this time.

Curiously the connection on the router via Advanced Settings > Connection shows 65Mbps / 16Mbps (a pretty good result) however any speed test I run comes back at between 10 and 20Mbps down and 15Mbps up. The estimate on the BT website as to what we could expect to achieve was between 51 and 72Mbps.

What would cause this massive discrepancy between the admin panel on the router and a “real-life” result?

My concern is that he’s placed the master socket on an existing extension which is about 7 meters from where the line enters from the street and doesn’t use spectacularly good cable. Could the cable itself be throttling the actual throughput? Although if it were, I guess we wouldn’t get the 65Mbps reading on the router in the first place. Is the router reading based upon when it is initially turned on? I guess it’s is a fairly quick measurement rather than being based on sustained throughput. Certainly on speedtest.net is starts quick-ish (about 26Mbps before leveling at around 15 and the end of the test).

Equally I guess this could be because there are still 2 unfiltered outlets in the house!

There are far too many potential causes here so I would appreciate a few of your expert opinions.

I’ve yet to try a direct connection to the router so will report back when I get home. My tests via wifi were conducted within line of sight of the router on an iPad Air as well as an 802.11AC equipped iMac (both yielding a similar result).

REALLY appreciate your help.

[Updated] I've just performed a test plugged directly into the Home Hub 5, results are much the same as wireless (approx. 20Mbps down). Advanced Settings > Broadband > Connection still reports a connection in the region of 64Mbps though.
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